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Escape from Space Bus

Bring the Games to Your Event

Space Bus Has Launched, the First Ever Mobile Game in Northern California!

Space Bus is a multi-room high-tech mobile escape game that we can bring to your location (within the SF Bay area).

Provide Unique, Interactive Entertainment at your Event

Space Bus is a team-based game that promotes teamwork and collaboration all while having a great time. Strategize with your team the best route to escape.

Experience the high-tech, realistic details of the voyage into space.*

*Don’t worry, you won’t actually be sent into space!


Bring the Games to You or a Rented Venue

Introducing Sabotage: Our Spy Case Scenario Game

Sabotage is a fully automated escape game that is best for a large group of 30-200 people. The game is supported by video, animation, custom-made gadgets and printed materials.

About Sabotage

You and your team of secret agents have in your hands a high-tech, custom-made spy case.

Work with your team to figure out how to obtain top-secret information hidden inside the spy case  and escape the room before the time is up.