How to Really Ruin an Escape Room Experience (Hint: Don’t Do These!)

As anyone familiar with escape rooms knows, they’re all about fun, teamwork, and solving puzzles. But hey, what’s life without a bit of mischievous humor? Let’s explore some surefire ways to throw an escape room game – all in jest, of course!

*Disclaimer: This post is meant purely for humor. Please do not attempt these at an actual escape room, unless you fancy being banned for life.

Pretend the Game Master is Invisible

Consider this as an alternative strategy: Ignore your Game Master completely. They’ll likely drop hints and important instructions, but who needs those, right?

The “Do Not Touch” Magnet

Nothing attracts human curiosity like a “Do Not Touch” sticker. You could respect the sign, or you could give in to the temptation, adding an extra layer of chaos to the game.

Demolition Expert

Take on the role of an unsolicited interior decorator. Move furniture, rearrange artifacts, and create an all-new setup. The real challenge? Putting everything back again before you’re found out!

Phone: Your Best Distraction

Escape rooms are for puzzles, but why let that stop you from checking your phone every two minutes? You’ll undoubtedly miss important clues, but hey, you’ll keep up with your social media feed!

Pocket the Clue

Next level prank: hide a clue in your pocket and watch your friends desperately look for it. Just remember, the more important the clue, the more panic you’ll cause!

Lone Ranger Tactics

Remember, teamwork is for those who want to win. But if you’re here for the chaos, grab all the puzzles and try to solve them alone. Your friends might not appreciate it, but who said this was about them?

The Tunnel Vision

Lead your team to fixate on one minor puzzle while ignoring everything else. The result? A hilarious derailment from the goal and a whole lot of head-scratching!

Ignite a Debate

Use the valuable ticking minutes to spark a heated debate about anything but the escape room. The more unrelated and controversial the topic, the better!

Play the Spoiler

Research the escape room beforehand and act like a know-it-all. You might blow your cover when you know too much too soon, but it’ll be worth the laughs!
Remember, escape rooms are all about fun, cooperation, and challenge. So let’s leave these mischief-making strategies as fun hypotheticals and focus on the real goal – escaping the room!

12 Key Benefits of Using Escape Rooms for Team Building

If you’re curious about why escape room games could be a brilliant choice for your next team-building activity, keep reading!

June, 30 2023

7 min read

Shake Things Up: Team Building with Escape Rooms!

Typical corporate team-building exercises often involve outdoor activities or answering familiar ice-breaker questions in the office setting. While these approaches were once highly effective, they’ve become predictable and somewhat uninspiring over time.

Managing a professional team isn’t a cakewalk, considering the stress they face daily. It may even seem like they aren’t working in sync with each other. A sure way to solve this problem and get to know your team better is to set up a team-building event in an escape room.

Escape room games demand more than your average team-building activity. They push participants to think ahead and work collaboratively to meet a shared objective: escape. If you’re curious about why choosing escape rooms as your next team-building activity is a wise move, stay tuned!

1. Won’t Break the Bank

Planning a full-scale corporate retreat can be a financial nightmare. Booking a venue, arranging meals, and potentially even accommodations can tally up a hefty bill. But escape rooms? They’re a much more budget-friendly option, and all you need is an hour or two. So, not only will you save money, but you also save on time. A win-win for everyone!

2. Exciting Themes To Chose From

Each escape room is an adventure of its own. From space exploration to historical mysteries, there’s a theme for every group. This means you can choose a room that aligns with your team’s interests, adding an extra layer of excitement. The more interested the team, the more engaged they will be in the activity.

3. Escape Room Team Building Shows A Team Dynamics

Escape rooms are like a window into your team’s dynamics. In an environment completely different from the office, you can observe how people react, adapt, and solve problems. You might discover hidden talents in the quietest member or uncover leadership potential in the most unexpected people.

4. Boosts Communication Within Your Team

When locked in an escape room, there’s no choice but to communicate. Whether it’s sharing ideas, explaining a point of view, or simply listening to someone else, every interaction counts. This can help improve communication within your team and even uncover new ways of effective collaboration.

5. Sharpens Problem-Solving Skills

Every step in an escape room is an unexpected puzzle. Without any forewarning or preparation, your team’s problem-solving skills are put to the test. This pressure can be a great exercise, helping your team think fast, adapt quicker, and perform better, not just in the game but in real-life work situations too.

6. Improves Time Management Skills

With an hour ticking away, every second in the escape room matters. The team quickly learns to prioritize tasks, divide and conquer, and make decisions swiftly. These improved time management skills can then transfer into your everyday work, making your team more efficient.

7. Leadership Skills Shine

Escape rooms naturally bring out the leaders in your team. When puzzles need solving and time is running out, someone often steps up to coordinate the effort. Spotting these potential leaders in the escape room can help you nurture leadership skills back in the workplace.

8. Creative Thinking Is Manifested

In an escape room, creativity is key. The challenges are unique, and often the solutions are just as unconventional. This encourages your team to think outside the box and can lead to innovative problem-solving strategies that could be applied to your business.

Sabotage gameplay puzzle gadgets lights

9. Boosts Confidence

Escape rooms can help build confidence as team members contribute to the team’s success by solving problems and overcoming challenges. This boost can carry over into the workplace, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

10. Encourages Healthy Competition

Splitting your team into smaller groups for escape room challenges adds an element of fun competition. It becomes a thrilling race to see who escapes first, and this friendly rivalry can drive everyone to give their best. Not only does it make the activity more engaging, but it can also inspire better performance back in the workplace.

11. Fosters Adaptability

Escape rooms throw a variety of unexpected challenges, forcing team members to adapt quickly. This helps improve their flexibility and adaptability skills, which are crucial in the ever-changing business environment.

12. Natural Team Spirit Amplifier

Whether your team escapes the room or not, they’re bound to have fun. Shared experiences, especially those filled with excitement and suspense, are great for bonding. The camaraderie built in the escape room will likely carry over to the office, boosting morale and team spirit.

Sabotage gameplay excitement smiles gadgets

So, ready to make your next team building exercise a hit? An escape room session could be just the ticket. With all the fun and challenges they offer, your team will be buzzing with excitement and camaraderie.

One perfect weekend in San Francisco

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Alcatraz Island: Explore the history and mystery of Alcatraz Island, once home to some of America’s most notorious criminals. Take a guided tour of the prison cells, learn about the famous escape attempts, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the island. It’s an experience you won’t forget!


EscapeSF: After you explore the famous Alcatraz prison, challenge yourself at EscapeSF—an exciting escape room experience. In the most popular room, “Escape from Alcatraz,” you and your team have 60 minutes to solve puzzles, find clues, and escape. It’s a fun and immersive activity where you can unleash your inner escape artist and create your own Alcatraz escape story. 


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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)

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Mastering the Art of Escape: Top Tips from an Escape Room Maestro

I’m Andre, a room escape game creator with over a decade of experience under my belt. It’s been a wild ride watching groups of friends, families, corporate team outings, and even some brave solo explorers tackling my rooms.
Over the years, I’ve picked up some nifty insights on what it takes to come out victorious in this race against time. So, get ready for a dose of wisdom, delivered with a pinch of humor, of course, sans any personal observations.
  1. All for One and One for All In an escape room, teamwork isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. A group of adventurers working together is like a well-conducted orchestra: when everyone plays their part, magic happens. So remember, escape rooms are no place for solo solos.

  2. A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place Managing clues in an escape room can be like herding cats if you’re not organized. No one wants to lose a vital key in a flurry of frantic searching, do they? Remember, treating your clues like the pieces of a well-ordered puzzle can save you a world of trouble.
  3. A Dash of Creativity Never underestimate the power of creative thinking in an escape room. It’s a bit like making a sandwich at midnight—you might be surprised at what strange combinations can actually work. That framed photo of a cat might just hold the secret to your escape.
  4. Don’t Overthink: Keep it Simple It’s easy to tumble down the rabbit hole of overthinking in an escape room. If you find yourself pondering if the striped wallpaper is a barcode, it might be time to take a step back. Sometimes, a key is just a key, and wallpaper is just, well, decorative.
  5. Hints: The Unsung Heroes Hints in an escape room are like condiments at a barbecue—they can turn a good experience into a great one. Don’t shy away from using them. After all, even superheroes occasionally need a little help. 
  6. Time is of the Essence Successfully navigating an escape room is a bit like baking a soufflé. Rush it, and you’ll end up with a mess. Take too long, and it won’t rise. Keep a keen eye on the clock, pace yourself, and remember – haste often makes waste.
  7. Keep Calm and Escape On Finally, keep your cool. An escape room might feel like a high-stakes spy mission, but it’s all in good fun. Treat it like a zen meditation with puzzles, and you’ll find yourself thinking clearer and making better decisions.

At the end of the day, remember the golden rule of escape rooms: have fun. Whether you’re stopping a fictitious asteroid from wiping out civilization or unmasking a ghost in a haunted manor, the journey is the destination. Happy escaping!

To new adventures,