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All of the games are private games

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Discount Tuesdays

Enjoy all our physical games at 15% off every Tuesday. No coupon required.

Sabotage spycase escape game - $178 per case.

Multiple cases are available for larger groups or multiple households. The recommended group size is 2-5 players per case. Delivery fee: $20

Gingerbread Cottage Escape Game - family-friendly 45-minute game.

Lighthearted seasonal game with a flat rate of $99 for up to 4 players.

Game# of playersPrice per PlayerTotal price
Escape from AlcatrazEscape from Blind Tiger2 players$45$89 (M-F)
3 players$42$126
4 players$39$156
5 players$36$180
6 players$33$198
You can add players upon your arrival. Maximum 6 players per game. No exceptions.
King Arthur's Legacy (2020)
3 players$45$135
4 players$45$180
5 players$43$215
6 players$41$246
7 players$39$273
You can add players upon your arrival.The maximum capacity is 7 adults or 8 minors (14+) per game.
Prices displayed have taxes and fees already included. 

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