How to Really Ruin an Escape Room Experience (Hint: Don’t Do These!)

As anyone familiar with escape rooms knows, they’re all about fun, teamwork, and solving puzzles. But hey, what’s life without a bit of mischievous humor? Let’s explore some surefire ways to throw an escape room game – all in jest, of course!

*Disclaimer: This post is meant purely for humor. Please do not attempt these at an actual escape room, unless you fancy being banned for life.

Pretend the Game Master is Invisible

Consider this as an alternative strategy: Ignore your Game Master completely. They’ll likely drop hints and important instructions, but who needs those, right?

The “Do Not Touch” Magnet

Nothing attracts human curiosity like a “Do Not Touch” sticker. You could respect the sign, or you could give in to the temptation, adding an extra layer of chaos to the game.

Demolition Expert

Take on the role of an unsolicited interior decorator. Move furniture, rearrange artifacts, and create an all-new setup. The real challenge? Putting everything back again before you’re found out!

Phone: Your Best Distraction

Escape rooms are for puzzles, but why let that stop you from checking your phone every two minutes? You’ll undoubtedly miss important clues, but hey, you’ll keep up with your social media feed!

Pocket the Clue

Next level prank: hide a clue in your pocket and watch your friends desperately look for it. Just remember, the more important the clue, the more panic you’ll cause!

Lone Ranger Tactics

Remember, teamwork is for those who want to win. But if you’re here for the chaos, grab all the puzzles and try to solve them alone. Your friends might not appreciate it, but who said this was about them?

The Tunnel Vision

Lead your team to fixate on one minor puzzle while ignoring everything else. The result? A hilarious derailment from the goal and a whole lot of head-scratching!

Ignite a Debate

Use the valuable ticking minutes to spark a heated debate about anything but the escape room. The more unrelated and controversial the topic, the better!

Play the Spoiler

Research the escape room beforehand and act like a know-it-all. You might blow your cover when you know too much too soon, but it’ll be worth the laughs!
Remember, escape rooms are all about fun, cooperation, and challenge. So let’s leave these mischief-making strategies as fun hypotheticals and focus on the real goal – escaping the room!